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Timo Manson

was born on September the 28th 1976. His first acquaintance with the music was very early. A drum set on that – play Timo with joy and zeal practiced. The patience of his parents was a tough tested, He would prefer to be a professional hockey player, but it grabbed him the love for music. Initially he was going on tour with the rock band LSD throughout the country. But the paths separated because one was studying, the other had job training @ the end of the world. Timo was dragged to the Air Force. But even before that time, he bought his first Turntables and tested with Cypress Hill, Run DMC and Pro Pain his first mix-talent. Together with DJ lignin he had his first appearances at the private parties.

But this should be the beginning of his career. In the first half of the 90s is Timo from producers like have been like Emmanuel Top, Thomas Schumacher amm. In the Year 1996 He was the DJ behind the decks of Music Circus (Oberhausen), Rave Club (Wesel) and the Music Circus (Dortmund). Clubs throughout the Ruhr region (NRW) followed.

Fully with the music, completely submerged, he conjures plate to plate and puts us in a world full of sounds and rhythms Timo Manson Who knows , he watched his audience and sees what it expects The year 2005 was quiet, since the beginning of the study to Audio Engineer at SAE Institute. His greatest performance he had before 150,000 people at the Future Parade (Brockhagen).

With the musician project “F-Punx” he produced the Hymne for the Future Parade -Thanx 4 Luv – and gave a live act with Singer on the final stage. Meanwhile, some time elapsed, and also a new DJ and producer colleagues, we can salute at his side. Dexter Curtin (Leipzig). they two released their first album an many EP´s, and 2009 in spring was already the second Album.

Favorite Producer:

1. Umek

2. Sebastian Legere

3. Adam Beyer

4. Thomas Schumacher

5. Armand v. Helden

6. Dennis Ferrer

7. Hardfloor

8. and many more good peoples