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Tim Leary

Washington, United States

Electro House, House

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“It all started with 2 boomboxes and an imaginative kid making mix tapes…” says dj.tim.leary, when asked how he got his start in Djing. “I’d just put the 2 radios up to each other and record songs from one tape to the other… and from the radio to tape. I’d even call the radio stations to make requests, so I knew I get the song I wanted.”

So when he decided to formally become a DJ in 1995. He didn’t know that what started out as just making tapes for friends would turn into an amazing career lasting more than 15 years and taking him half way around the globe.

Starting his career on Long Island, New York, was tough, but he still found a way to rise to the top. Playing almost every large scale venue Long Island & Manhattan had to offer, including the Tunnel, Neptunes, C.P.I., CoCo’s, & Exit. After 8 years of rocking NY, dj.tim.leary picked up and moved to Tampa, FL. Where he instantly gained fame, by becoming the resident dj at Tampa’s Premier nightspot, Whiskey Park SoHo. He soon had gigs all over the Tampa area, like, Hyde Park Cafe, Wiskey North, Blink, The Ampitheater & Jackson’s. Then in 2006 dj.tim.leary moved to the Washington DC area where he started his own dj & promotions company called, PLa Productions. He also, is now the program director for Cyber-FM’s techno/house channel, and host of his own show called BlahBlahRadio.

Recently dj.tim.leary has decided to take things back underground, starting with a series of parties/raves called short circuit, a mix compilation series called “Unprotected Sets”, and a record label to be started in 2010 called ‘The Funkitch’.

If you are one of the few people who haven’t had a chance to hear dj.tim.leary, don’t miss him when the opportunity arises ’cause no one crafts the “Ride” of the night like him. He is deffinately one you want to check out.