Tim Le El Beatport


Tim Le El is for sure one of Germany’s shooting stars when it comes to young and extremely talented and sought-after djs these days: Dj requests from various countries are piling up on his booking agent’s desk and are a sure proof for Tim’s success, mainly thanks to his Rise EP which is to be found in the cases of all major djs lately.

Based in Cologne, Tim has started djing at 16 years of age. By that time, he did his mix CDs with the help of a computer, which to many djs was something completely new. Until 2000, he gained a lot of dj experience all over the place. In his hometown Cologne, Tim Le EL is well-known for his energetic dj sets and his commitment to electronic dance music. One of his residencies is Tanzbar EdelPink (formerly known as Zur Wilden Muschi) where he already spun with dj legends like Tom Novy, Phil Fuldner, Boris Dlugosch, Moguai and Gian aka Kurd Maverick.

After several years of djing, Tim started producing some tracks on his own. Soon after that, his Rise EP has been released on Scream and Shout Rec. and has been a huge and amazing international success! His follow-up release T Time Duplo proves that Tim Le El is by no means a one-hit-wonder, but both a really skilled dj and a producer of a very high standard.