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Ryan Fitzpatrick a.k.a Dj Tilo is a 15 year old dj that was born in Glasgow,Scotland. Before everything began with Tilo’s dj career when he was just about 6 or 7 years old he always wanted to become a dj which his Uncle “Paul” was a dj and thats what made Tilo want to be a dj back then.

When Tilo was 8 & a half he got his first dj decks which was just a basic setup. The setup he had was 2x Numark CD players and a basic mixer also headphones. When he had got his first setup which was Christmas morning and he went in to the sitting room where the christmas gifts where and he opened up the box and was just fiddling around. At first Tilo did not know how to work them but when after a few weeks he knew how they worked and what they do.

A few years later when he was just about 10 or 11 he had got a new set of dj decks which was another “Numark” dj package which was easier for im to learn to beat match because his first dj setup had not got a jog wheel on the CD deck.​ About 6 months later he had got a new pair of decks which was “Pioneer CDJ 800’s” and he had learned so much more how to beat-match music.

When Tilo was aged 12 he had got booked to play at a family gig which he was nervous about as that was his first dj gig to play and but at the end of it he was proud of himself. As Tilo always wanted to produce he tried & tried to produce Trance Music which for him was too dificult to make. He kept trying but he never got anywhere but after a few months he picked up a few skills but still wasnt too sure how to make a full track.

Tilo was also being booked for one of his Family Members Engagement Party which he was exciting to play at but at the same time he was nervous because at the party was many people. On that day Tilo & his uncle went to the venue to setup the Dj Equipment and then at that night he played.

In 2011/12 Tilo had made it on to a few online radio stations that played weekly & monthly. He cancelled them radio shows with the stations he played on and decided to create a new radio show with another website.

His radio show was name “A Heaven Of Trance”.

On 15th July 2011 He opened up a Online Radio Station which was named

“Dj Tilo Radio”. Him and his manager “Conor Harney” was running that for about a year and a half.

On his Radio Station he planned so many online music events which most people attended to. The station had theyre anniversary on the 15th July 2012 which was a great day on the website for the staff members & djs who took part in the event.

On December 2012 the website had shut down due to another Online Radio Station opening by Tilo, Paul & Conor.

Just at the age of 13 He had still tried to produce music and he also knew more things about the Music Production Program that he used. Tilo was also booked for another Gig which was another Family Members Birthday Party and was not so much nervous as he was with the other 2 gigs he last played at. A few months later he played at another Family Members Party as he was just fine at playing.

In 2013 Tilo tried to produce a track which he did not finish and then did not go back to finishing it off.

Few months later which was about April or May 2013 He remixed a track named “Andr – Sunrise” which he finished off but did not publish it online.

He went on holiday to Palma De Mallorca, Spain on 31st July and he still try to produce more music. In October 2013 He was producing more music which he made his first Original track “House Forward” which was a Tech House Track. Few Days after that he had published his Remix of “Andr – Sunrise” and got a few feedback from fans.