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The “Ambassadors of Style” return with their fourth full-length recording, 12 Mile High, on Thievery Corporation™s ESL Music. Rob Myers, Steve Raskin and Sid Barcelona are the masterminds behind Thunderball. This Washington, DC-based trio are globally renowned purveyors of sophisticated, stereophonic-thrillers, and cinematic dub. Since 1997 their productions have shifted effortlessly between the genres of drum’n’bass, dub and downtempo, building a strong following for their signature sound. 12 Mile High marks the return of the Thunderball trio from their duties with the venerable breakbeat production group Fort Knox Five.

On 12 Mile High Thunderball deliver 13 tracks of globe-spanning, mind-altering, cinematic music designed to bring you straight to the edge of the stratosphere. The adventure begins in a sitar-drenched den and quickly jets to the gritty streets of Philadelphia where the plot gets thickened with an herbal dub. When the clouds clear you find yourself on a bossa tinged beach with only a reggae soul 7" in your briefcase and ticket to the penthouse suite. 12 Mile High is packed with live-instrumentation, jazzed-out guitars, deep orchestrations and floor-stomping beats. Laced with vocal performances by long-time collaborators Mustafa Akbar, Miss Johnna M and Rootz & Zeebo (of See-I), this soundtrack is destined to pull you into the fantastical world of Thunderball.

As one of ESL Music’s original artists, Thunderball rapidly defined their sound with their 1999 debut which received critical acclaim from Rolling Stone magazine. Ambassadors of Style earned the group respect for its rich, cinematic soundscapes that are reminiscent of old blaxploitation and spy films. This was followed by 2001’s seminal release, Scorpio Rising, instantly hailed as a downtempo classic. Scorpio Rising’s integration of live instrumentation helped establish the organic vibe that is the cornerstone of the Thunderball sound. On their third release Cinescope (2006), Thunderball upped the ante with fresh elements including collaborations with the godfather of hip hop, Afrika Bambaataa. 12 Mile High is the culmination of over a decade of sonic exploration in the Thunderball realm.

Thunderball will be performing select shows as DJs and as a trio with live instrumentation and visual projections to support the new album. Currently in production are high profile remixes from some of today’s leading edge producers. Visit and for updates and tour dates.

12 Mile High will be available on CD and iTunes on Novermber 9th, 2010 on ESL Music.