BIOGRAFIE THORSTEN HAMMER (english) Thorsten Hammer , another entertainer of delicious and unique electronic music from German‘s Rhein-Main-Area, was inspired by music ... read more
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Thorsten Hammer , another entertainer of deLicious and unique electronic music from German‘s Rhein-Main-Area, was inspired by music very early.

He started to learn drums at the age of 8, electrified by the precursors of the early electronic scene like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb with 12 and finaly enraptured thru the different enchanting Sets from several DJs like Sven Väth and other great Artists from the HR3 Clubnight with 14. The desire of producing own tracks and spinning records, encouraging the crowd for dancing was recompensed by his first performance at several Clubs in his home area beginning in 1994 – a time when TECHNO was simply Techno…

At the same time Thorsten startet to produce and mix first tracks with different sound maschines like the great “Roland TB-303” different sampler and drum mashines and for the huge pleasure of the folks, a lot of tapes were mixed and given to friends, event producers and first labels. He released his first tracks on vinyl in the year 2000 on different labels under different projects like the “Aura-DJ-Team – a trance project” and much more – but stopped his work with the birth of his child “Alysha”, because it was not the sound he wanted to produce any longer..

The impulsive and amazing Techhouse/Techno DJ Sets from Thorsten were decisive for direct support of many top class DJs like _DJ T., Jay Denham, Gayle San, Toni Rios, Felix Kröcher, Pascal Feos, Tony Rohr and many other top artists and Thorsten became iconic in the wildly acclaimed clubs in the home area.

Heavily affected by the local specific minimalistic deephouse sound, he spread his music up to groovy and tribal house. And if it has to be, ”bloody techno clapped to the crowd’s ears” – but always with this certain elements of high temper, because too dark, fast and blunt has never been

his thing.

Thorsten plays all over Germany in several radiostations and clubs like the amazing and famous U60311 Frankfurt, Releais Club – M-Bia, Rekorder Berlin, Zapata Stuttgart, BigFM Tronic Love and much more in his home area. On the top of his DJ career going to become more international famous was his Gigs in Ibiza Beach-Palace and Freedom-Festival – Domus – Op-Art- Europa in Portugal and new releases on Hush – Sa Trincha & Gastspiel Rec. in the year 2009 and

Hush BWG, das Ohr digital, Nervine Rec., New Breed, Wasabi, Doppelgänger, Soulman & Straight Music in 2010.

With his unique and amazing mixing and always knowing which tracks he had to play in the different and right moments – he everytime tells a really big story and it is no problem for him to play 6, 8, 9 or more hours and celebrate a big party with all the people there.. Thorsten is more than a normal DJ – he is an amazing musical entertainer and loves what he does

and everytime he plays – you can feel that…

now 2010 -


will come back – ready to send new stuff out in the orbit of the electronical music circus.

Watch out..


Thorsten Hammer