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Thorin born on 7 October 1977 in Goirle, a small village near Tilburg. He didn’t stay there for long. At the age of 1 year he moved to Almelo which is a medium city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Thorin grew up in a musical family, uncles who play guitar, Drums and many other instruments, aunts who sing lets say it’s all in the family.Almost everyone in the family is doing something with music.His father played in several bands some with guitar and others with percussion.

At a young age thorin got connected with music, influences from bands like Deep Purple, the Doors, Pink Floyd. Thorins taste of music is very wide from soul to funky stuff to modern music.In 1992, some friends introduced Thorin into house music nowadays so called oldskool house. While partying a lot Thorin got interested in DJ’ing. He bought some turntables and started to learn mixing 12" records. After 6 months he controlled dj basics. Buying records and records and getting more DJ skills. He also got interested in producing his own music, lucky for him he got in contact with an old friend from his father. That friend started with producing in the early 80’s. Maurice learned Thorin the basics of Producing, Maurice already had released some music on different labels and did some things together with Sander Kleinenberg in the early 90’s. He was also Sander K’s first Sound/Audio engineer. In 1996 Thorin switched from the hardcore house scene to nice and chill Progressive House music. In 2003 Thorin and Maurice started producing together and while doing some social projects they had to start some kind of Production Company. So in 2006 the Promusic Foundation started. 2 cds released in 6 months working on a third, “stichting Promusic” got more projects and work then expected. With that reason Thorin decided to take a break with DJ’ing and focus more on Promusic.

Now in 2007 Thorin picked up DJ’ing again and started focus more on his own style of producing. Thorin bought a house and started investing more in a new studio. With a stable home base we can expect a lot in 2007.

2008, Thorin decided to stop buying vinyl and switch to digital mixing. He updated his home studio bought some new equipment and switched over to Traktor scratch with the time coded vinyl. Meanwhile several tracks got signed and released at different labels around the globe including: Reticent Recordings USA, Bit Records Mexico and Bellarine Records Australia. Thorin is working on some remix projects together with some friends in the States (Zodiacal Light, And3rsun and Dax Wadley) which will be 2 EP’s.

Thorin performed at:

013 Tilburg, de Waakzaamheid Koog a/d Zaan, the Zoo Almelo, Club Elit Enschede, The club Holland Casino Enschede, Hobnob 2008 Almelo, SubRosa Almelo, Nielz Almelo, Lucky Rijssen, NYE Zoo Groningen, Starlight Amsterdam, Studio 4 Hengelo, Billabong Scheveningen, Club Eclips Eindhoven, Pharaoh Club Bocholt Germany, DJ Hyydro Birthday bash Monchengladbach Germany, Sundance 2004 Narvik Norway and many more.

Upcoming Releases:

Balanced – Bonzai Music Belgium.

Garlic Memory – Bonzai Music Belgium.

Dayworx Thorin remix – Bonzai Progressive Belgium.

Creamer – TBC.


Groove is in the night – Reticent Recordings USA.

All Inside – Reticent Recordings USA.

Deepthoughts – Reticent Recordings USA.

Nameless – Reticent Recordings USA.

PureTribal – Nemesis Recordings Bonzai Music Belgium.


Tribal Infusion: Justin Carr – Reticent Recordings USA.

Tribal Vision: Justin Carr – Reticent Recordings USA.

Fresh start: Lost Edit – Green Martian Bonzai Music Belgium.

Light of Inspiration: Lost Edit – TBA Bonzai Music Belgium.

Candy from Strangers: Dax Wadley – TBA.

Manhattan Skyline: [email protected] – Bellarine Australia.

Everybody wants to be Madonna: Ariel Curtis – BRM Mexico.

The one in dub: Lesvicon Soul – BRM Mexico.

Uncontrolled Feelings: Curtis&Dakota – BRM Mexico.


PureTribal: Dax Wadley remix – Banshee Entertainment DJ rep.3 Music Worx.

PureTribal: Dax Wadley remix – Ibiza 2k9 Progressive Freq. MusicWorx.

PureTribal: Dax Wadley remix – Bonzai Progressive Kult vol1. Bonzai trance progressive.

Fresh start: Lost Edit – Tranceplant MusicWorx.

Fresh start: Lost Edit – WMC 2k9 Best of trance MusicWorx.