Thor Beatport


Thor has been a leading figure in Icelandic club culture since the late eighties. THOR started out break-dancing but soon got to know the wonders of hip hop and electronic music and moved on to become a DJ. In 1989 he became the Icelandic “DMC DJ champion” and soon became one of the most respected DJs in Reykjavik, hosting most of the legendary “underground” radio shows in Iceland. DJ and Live Gigs around the world include New York, Los Angeles and Portland in the U.S., Paris, Berlin, London, Brighton, Köln, Swiss, Bergen, Riga, Barcelona, Munich and Frankfurt in Europe, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Tcheboksary, Izhevsk, Kazan, Ulyanovsk in Russia and most clubs in Reykjavik, Iceland since 1984.

In the early nineties, THOR and his techno partner BIOGEN formed the legendary old school hardcore band AJAX, which was to become one of Iceland’s first electronic bands ever to reach international success. The duo made the all time classic "Rufige EP”, which featured some spoken words by “drum & bass don” GOLDIE (unfortunately for this reason Goldie has claimed that he wrote the tracks himself). Later THOR started producing electro and techno, inspired by the great music coming from the fast growing German electronic scene. Through the years, THOR has had a number of releases and remixes, and has featured on over 50 compilations.

He’s appeared under various names (Thor, DJ Thor, Thor H.F.,Thor54, Thor S., Justin Simmons, Sanasol, Samuel L.Bronkowitz, Thor Z., Thor Inc., Flow Machine and RO-TH to name a few) on numerous labels around the world. These include Thule Records, Pineapple Records, Stratagem-musik, Harthouse, Missile, Neuton, Hey Babe!, Elektrolux, Reload, Yoshitoshi, Sony, BMG, Minus, Ministry of Sound, Nova Mute, Cream, Virgin Records, Plast Tracks, Kama Records, 66 Degrees, Plast Tracks, Planet Vision, AE Recordings and Uni:Form.

THOR has also had many successful collaborations with great artists like Icelandic singer such as BJÖRK, GOLDIE, PASCAL F.E.O.S., TIM TAYLOR and YAGIA. In addition, THOR has remixed artists such as Bob Marley, Anthony Rother, Pascal F.E.O.S., Q-Burns, Abstract Message, Phunklarique-Dejonka, Audionova, Daniel August and bands like Culture Beat, Sigur Ros, Soul Patrol, Gus Gus, Spetsnaz, World Domination and Trabant.

From 1997 till 2004 Thor owned and ran the Icelandic record labels Thule Records, Plast Trax, Uni:Form, TMT-Entertainment, AE Records, Dizorder Recordings & 66 Degrees Records. The labels were the first Icelandic labels ever to specialize in electronic. The label was a boost to the underground music scene is Iceland, helping bands and artists like mum, Trabant, Worm is Green, Exos, Ozy, Biogen, Plastik, Kanada, Sofandi and Apparat Organ Quartet to take their first steps with debut releases on the label.

After leaving his Music and Studio enterprise Thule Musik inc. behind, Thor´s main focus has been on his own music and other music related projects. His most recent releases include a four song E.P. named “Blues for a grey planet E.P.” on Stratagem Music in Canada and the Gus Gus label Pineapple Records are releasing his next 12”, “Rusina”. Apart from his solo career, Thor has also made room for band work. After ending the collaboration with Yagia, his longtime counterpart in the house band Sanasol, Thor teamed up with singer Unnur Andrea and together they formed the pop/ house/ electro band Dr. Disco Shrimp. The band soon changed their name to Cocktail Vomit after adding two new members, guitarplayer Örn and singer Agnes. The band’s song “Everybody is a raekjusalat” (Everybody is a shrimp salad) has become a major hit in the Icleandic and Danish club scene, although never formally released. Despite being a fairly young band, Cocktail Vomit has had numerous appearances in Iceland as well as playing gigs in the U.S.A., Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Russia and Latvia.

Thor´s work as a composer of Film and advertising scores has been increasing over the years. He is entitled to a great amount of music in various films and documentaries. His TV advertising clients include GM Hummer, KFC, The beer companies Egill Skallagríms & Baltika, Computer companies CCP & OZ inc., Lotto Iceland, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Cintamani, 1944, The Icelandic Bank Landsbankinn, Alienz and phone companies Verizon, Megafon & Siminn to name a few. He has also done scores for TV stations NFS and Al- Hurra(usa).

Thor continues to do remixes and the most recent ones include the Bob Marley and the Wailers hit “Kaya”, released on the US label River Rock Music., “Need in me” with Gus Gus released on Pineapple Records and “No breath at 280 feet”, feat. artists Phunklarique and Dejonka on the German label Hammarskjöld Records.