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Thony Vera started to be interested in music at the early age of thirteen, driven by a simple computer and old music production software. At sixteen he worked as a deejay in various pubs and night clubs. A year later, he won several awards in some music magazines and was part of a few groups of the Tracker community, being well known as “Plexus”, in the underground scene. He kept his job as a deejay until he was 20, when he undertook a new direction in order to complete his computer studies.

After several years in the music production field, he decided to improve and change to a new system to adjust to his growing needs. Currently he owns a complete hardware system and works under a MAC environment, using Logic as a sequencer.

He worked in various third-party productions and releases, always giving priority to quality rather than quantity. He is an obsessed artist in the constant search of his own and personal sound.

He has many musical directions therefore considers himself a lover of all genres. His influences, obviously electronic, contrast with his desire to experiment with various styles, such as R&B, Indie or Underground. This way, Thony is capable of surprising us again and again by reaching us with his particular musical universe.

Puts on the market his first official release through Playmusic Records, going for a personal Maxi Single with Electro House influences destined to the dance floors: “Little Switch”.

Thony Vera, a new promising artist that will blow your mind.