DJ since 1995 and after only four years also producer and remixer. Thomas T. great protagonist of the most prestigious Italian clubs, one out of all the “Insomnia Discoacro... read more
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DJ since 1995 and after only four years also producer and remixer. Thomas T. great protagonist of the most prestigious Italian clubs, one out of all the “Insomnia Discoacropoli d’Italia”, the famous club which has given rise to spectacular performances of international DJs and where TT was resident DJ of the historic Patchwork Place from 2000 to 2003. Thanks to record productions always at the top of house and techno charts, TT crossed the Italian border to bring his sound in Europe, USA, North Africa and Australia imposing himself as a showman and great feeder of floors. And how don’t boast releases on labels like Minimalistik, Stik, Commute, Overtone and Lapsus Music; many of them licensed by the most known major labels like EMI and Sony Music. Backbone of the Trilogy project with Paolo Kighine and Luca Pechino, a great event in tour all over the country that every time fills the clubs until sunrise. Today is also the owner of ICON music label.



Fabio MC & Thomas T. – “Groove in the mind”

Thunderbolt record

(TDT- 002)


Thomas T. – “Gigaset 2000”

Skyone records

(SK1- 001)


Thomas T. – “Raintrain E.P.”

Minimali:stik records

(MIN- 003)

Thomas T. – “Be Free E.P.”

Minimali:stik records

(MIN- 009)


Thomas T. – “Gigaset 2002”

Stik records

(STK- 070)

Hornet – “Loudness E.P.”

Overtone records

(OVT- 001)

T. Murphy – “Peppermint”

Commute records

(CMT- 002)

Thomas T. – “Pump Up!”

Stik records

(STK- 081)


Thomas T. – “Flowers E.P.”

Minimali:stik records

(MIN- 015)

T. Murphy – “Tsunami E.P.”

Commute records

(CMT- 007)

Thomas T. – “Homeworks pt.1”

Minimalistik records

(MIN- 018)


Thomas T. – “Homeworks pt.2”

Minimalistik records

(MIN- 020)


Paolo Kighine & Thomas T. – “Collaborations 2”

Minimali:stik records

(MIN- 024)


Thomas T. – “Spaghetti Western ep”

Laspus Music

(LPS- 024)

VVAA – “Superstars ep” w/ Thomas T. – “Boomerang”

Icon Music

(ICN- 001)

VVAA – “Italian Goods” w/Thomas T. – “Slap your mac”

Lapsus Music

(LPSC- 002)


Thomas T. – “Forget Dinner e.p.”

Icon Music

(ICN- 004)


Thomas T. – “White Collar e.p.”

Icon Music

(ICN- 007)

VVAA – “The Remixes” w/ Icon releases remixed

Icon Music

(ICNC- 001)



Luca Pechino – “Orient Express” Thomas T. remix on Minimalistik records

Kabal – “Cool Zero” Thomas T. remix on Megahertz records

Luv Thang – “Love Generation” Thomas T. upgrade on Icon Music



“Gigaset 2000” on Stik Party Vol.3 Compilation

“Gigaset 2000” on Insomnia Ten years of Life Compilation

“Raintrain” on Master Techno Compilation

“Be Free” on Minimalistik 01/10 Compilation

“Be Free” on Techno Room Compilation

“Peppermint” on Trance generation Vol.6 Compilation

“Pump Up!” on Stik Party Vol.4 Compilation

“Pump Up!” on Insomnia Vol.2 Compilation

“Pump Up!” on Radio Peter Pan Compilation Vol.2

“Pump Up!” on Vitamina H Fuga da Accatraz (R.I.N.) Compilation

“Pump Up!” on Hardstyle part 001 Compilation (Switzerland)

“Pump Up!” on Q-Dance Hardstyle Vol.1 Compilation (Holland)

“Pump Up!” on Technohardstyle Compilation (Edel rec.)

“Flowers” on Insomnia Vol.2 Compilation

“Flowers” on Minimalistik 11/20 Compilation

“Flowers” on Tunnel Trance Force Vol.29 (Sony Music Ent. Germany)

“Flowers” on Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol.3 (EMI Music Germany)

“Flowers” on Tunnel Goes Ibiza 2004 (Tunnel rec. Germany)

“Flowers” on Tunnel Goes Ibiza 2004 (Sony Music Ent. Germany)

“Homeworks Vol.1” on Minimalistik 11/20 Compilation

“Homeworks Vol.1” on Industrial Compilation (541 rec. Belgium)

“Homeworks Vol.1” on PPTechnoCom Vol.4 Compilation (4Tune rec.)

“Homeworks Vol.2” on Stik Party Vol.5 Compilation

“Homeworks Vol.2” on Minimalistik 11/20 Compilation



T. Murphy


Thomas Torrini