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Thomas Shore is definitely an up-and-coming trance and progressive dj/producer.

Born in 1989 in Lyon, France, music has been a big part of his life since a very young age. At 6, he began learning the piano and music theory.

Thomas was first introduced to trance music when he was eleven with the track Three Drives – Greece 2000. Fallen in love with the electronic music genre, he then wanted to become a dj/producer. Thomas first started producing music under the name of Solid Trancer, and in 2006, he released a first album on Klavar Recordings “Visions LP”.

In 2007, he had the chance to meet Mirage, a producer from Montpellier thanks to whom he improved his production skills, and Tom Neptunes who has been a great help to get a professionnal level, and who he’s still working with now.

Things started to go further when on 23rd March 2008 Aly & Fila played his track “7th Sky”. This gave him the confidence to go on. Around late 2008, he decided to send demos to a few people and got support from Mondo Records and Thomas Datt amongst others, but it’s Dan Identikal from Vision Control Recordings who showed the greatest interest in his work. On 21st August 2009 Thomas Shore released his first single “Saqqarah”, featuring an amazing remix by Ali Wilson, along with the original mix. He got support from Adam White, Daniel Kandi, Maor Levi and Lee Haslam to name a few. At the end of 2009, he was asked by Matt Church to remix Glyn Waters’ track “Where I Belong”. In April 2010, he reached the 2nd place at the “Halifax – Reveal Your Innocence” remix contest run by Captured Recordings, Mike Shiver and Matias Lehtola’s label.

With a few projects in mind and a great interest in film score production and sound design, we can guess that there’s much more to come…