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Thomas LP was born in Denmark (DK) and has his musical roots dates all the way back to the mid 90’s of the Danish drum’n’bass scene where he joined up with local dnb headz and later gave birth to the first DK based drum’n’bass label. After releasing a couple of 12” (under a different pseudonym) on the label and managing the label for about five (5) years he decided it was time to try something completely new; he left the position as label manager and focused solely on producing music.

Throughout the years Thomas LP has evolved his own particular style incorporating the best of the best from the various genres having influenced his music. This has made him a very versatile producer with the ability to work within different genres. Today the pseudonym Thomas LP is associated with electronic dance music in particular within the field of house, electro, jacking house and dubstep.

Thomas LP is a man of many talents; in 2010 he felt the urge to get back into the record label business again and started up the electronic dance music label MELONSOUND (and later on Play Nasty Records). Today the label already has a long and strong release schedule featuring a wide variety of artists from across the world.

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