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Los Angeles born “Theory” began like most dj’s, in the bedroom, but unlike most dj’s he began when he was only 12 years old. At a time when dj and electronic music culture was at it’s early stages of development. Theory did not know much about the party scenes or the business side of the industry, he just mixed records in his bedroom night and day because that is what he enjoyed doing. However at the age of 12, Theory was no novice to music. He had been performing in musical recitals & playing various instruments such as the drums and violin since 5 years of age. Theory has a strong musical influence from his family background, whose mother is a professional singer and father is a well respected musician who has performed bass and guitar with artists such as Stanley Turrentine, Minnie Ripperton, Pointer Sisters, The 5th Dimension, and countless others.

Theory’s first experience handling a vinyl record was of course out of his father’s large collection of jazz albums. At first his father objected to the use of his classic album collection, but as Theory started mixing his dad’s dusty old records along with hiphop and breakbeats, his father had no choice but to pass on the collection to his son for positive use. Because of Theory’s dedication and love for the art form of hiphop music, he then began sharpening up his scratching and mixing techniques before attempting to perform out in public.

After about 6 years of hard practice, Theory began to perform at house parties and small venues wherever he could. At the age of eighteen he started “The Fresh Fridays Hip Hop Mix Show” at the local Valley college KVCM Radio station, along with co host, a very well respected MC known as “LOWD” (West Coast Blaze Battle Champion, Concrete Grooves Recordings, OM Records). This is where he began to learn the ins and outs of the radio, production, recording, and music industry.

Right around the time when most Hip Hop music began to sound monotonous and formulated, Theory began searching for other forms of musical stimulation. Being introduced to House music at the backyard parties that he spun was the beginning of his expansion process. Now Theory has spawned off into many other genres of music, growing a strong love for Deep House music & eclectic organic rhythms, but still specializing in pretty much any style of dance music imaginable (on the deeper tip).

After gaining much praise for his opening house and second room (patio) sets, Theory is now set to make a mark in the dance and music industry with his superb music selection and keen mixing/programming skills, not to mention his amazing scratching capabilities and turntable wizardry! Theory has won several local record store dj battles and also landed in the top 20 of the “Oracle 2000 Dj Mixtape Contest”, prevailing over 350 contestants (*while not knowing any of the judges personally) However battling and dj contests are not a priority for Theory, becuase the bottom line is all about the music!

Thus far, Theory has opened and performed with artists and dj’s such as; KRS-One, Little Louie Vega, Doc Martin, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Deep Dish, Eddie Amador, Gene Farris, David Alvarado, Aceyalone & FreeStyle Fellowship, Medusa, Dr. Oop, People Under the Stairs, LA Symphony, Johnny Fiasco, Ron Trent, Juan Atkins, Dilated Peoples, The Pharcyde, Pennywise, MixMasterMike, Souls of Mischief, Natural Rhythm, Styles of Beyond, Turntables on The Hudson, Mark E Quark, Jamie Thinnes, and the list goes on!

Currently Theory is performing dj sets in Southern California and surrounding cities as well as pursuing a career in production & recording engineering (already having one of his tracks placed on an HBO special) He also has a few collaborations with live bands like “Modern Groove Assembly” (Live acid jazz nu soul collaboration between LA’s top studio musicians) as well as the side project “OPEN MIND RADIO” (broadcasting on StreetsRadio & the FM Los Angeles on Sunday evenings) featuring Theory & his superb MC “Frog One” (who recently had his material featured on the Tony Hawk Underground video game).

These projects are sure to shine light in the coming years, but no matter what happens, the love for the music will always keep Theory going as he enters a business filled with politics, propaganda, & people trying to profit for the wrong reasons. Theory, along with his partners & affiliates in “The Open Minds Collective” are here to make a difference, creating an integration of quality music, talent, and a forward thinking attitude.