Top 50k on The DJ List

The Sunsetters

Brussels, Belgium



With the help of some underground House and Techno parties, Nico and Olivier met up late 2001 in a funny way: at 11pm, when everybody was hanging at the bar, they were the only two crazy guys already rocking the dancefloor! Playing more like a duo than a versus, The Sunsetters inject soulful electronic music into your ears. Their motto speaks for itself: “Never trust a DJ who can’t dance…”

Nicolas discovers turntables in 1995 as ‘the’ object to play Hip-Hop. Not so many cds have been bought since… After learning the basics and a few mixtapes later, he got into Drum & Bass after a short trip to London. It has been his favorite style till 2001, but nowadays, even if he’s focused on Electro House and Detroit Techno he’s always out for some eclectic suprises.

As a music lover, Olivier states no boundaries should be made between music styles. “If it rocks, it’s all good.” Even if melodic Techno and Soulful Uplifting House seems to be his main choices, he’s full of surprising unexpected mixes waiting for you and your legs to shake on the dancefloor!

Since Olivier and Nico got together as a formation at the end of 2004, The Sunsetters have focused on the perfect match between pumpy selection and perfect technique. Playing back to back with loads of vinyls and a Rane Serato Scratch Live, they always have the right old school tune at hand.