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The Dj Red

Charlotte, United States

Dubstep, House

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RED…….His love of music was nurtured in the backwoods of rural Columbia, South Caraolina; where his parents adored and emphasized their love for Motown, his neighbors blasted legends such as David Allen Coe and Hank Williams Jr., and his friends formed break dancing battling squads to the earliest forms of Hip Hop and Dance. From his classroom days of banging on hallway lockers and drum rolling hits on useless textbooks, he has always been aware of the importance, energy, and power of music. A resume that would soon boast some of the countries largest and thriving cities, began in the confines of a small local skating ring. Not even armed with the sketchy onboard equipment, which consisted of house speakers for monitors and a spastic Peavy mixer, was he discouraged from obtaining the sound he deemed necessary to move the crowd. This stint at the roller ring was the first domino to fall,causing a chain reaction that would soon collapse upon the entire Columbia region. He soon took helm of the booth at Characters, which in its prime was the hottest discotech of Middle Carolina. His success there landed him his first management position as director of entertainment in one of the nations largest sports bar chains. For a brief period, he traded in the smoke and neon lights he was so familiar with for telephone conferences and regional meetings. This time in the office taught him the business side of the needle; which only sparked his aspirations of moving on to bigger and better things. The love of the booth finally had him back in the areas dj circuit and dance club scene where he was received with open arms. He has been on the go ever since, moving crowds all over America. He burst onto the electronic music scene in the summer of 2002 with rave reviews of his promotional CD “Butt Naked Breaks Vol.I” from the highly regarded Club Hoppers Magazine. He was the only unsigned DJ/Artist to have a review published earning high praise as well as a Five Star rating. This review is also one of the top ten most viewed reviews on (click here for review) He then went on to blow the nightclub and bar conventions judges away at the international DJ showcase held at the legendary Level nightclub in South Beach. His success continued throughout the next year selling out venues such as Time Lounge in Norfolk and The Velvet Room in Chicago. He has opened for superstars from Micro, Deep Sky, and DJ Irene to Dave London, Cliff T, and DJ X. In hopes of moving on to even bigger and better things, he has signed on with Elite Management adding himself to an already impressive DJ/Artist roster, and thus solidifying his position as one of the hottest up and coming talents in Dance Music Industry. DJ Red, now based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the most versatile and knowledgeable artists to enter the scene since DJ Scribble. His sets could range from House to Jungle, from Breaks to Hip Hop, or sometimes a combination of them all. His best attribute is his ability to keep any type of audience hypnotized, while his only flaw is that he lacks the means to play everywhere at once.