The Raven Beatport


HISTORY- About 1985, HE went to his first club. He started watching the dj, and that’s when he knew it was for him. The music was FREESTYLE, (heartthrob music from New York City), there was a lot of feeling in it, and it was very hard to let that go. But later about 1990, the scene turned into TECHNO and so did he. In 1992 RAVE music started hitting the clubs in Florida, and he changed his style. He was blown away by all the love surrounding the scene. Still to this day he carries that love.

STYLE- His main sets are INTELLIGENT-ORLANDO/TAMPA STYLE BREAKS, HARD-UPLIFTING TRANCE, PROGRESSIVE NEW SKOOL BREAKS, HARD HOUSE, and TRANCE. He would like to be known as an original. He likes to make sets that are unique and solely to himself. He mixes things up and changes the sound of the original music, (by eq or flange, etc.), so that it sounds like something new and not one record to another. He also tries to get involved with the crowd when possible, to show them that he’s not just sitting back and playing record to record. Every time he spins, he gives it 100%…

INFLUENCES- Alf Bamford(technikal), Gaz West(dark by design), Steve Hill, Rob Tissera, Phil York, Olly Perris, Neon Lights, Rick West, Dj X, Dj Fixx, Huda Hudia, Infiniti, Santana, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Arman Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Space Brothers, Matt Darey, Dave Conaltie, George Acosta, Kimble Collins, RABBIT IN THE MOON, BT, SUNDAY CLUB, and his friends Noel W. Sanger and his wife Daulby, Chris and Perry Domingo, Jason Dunne, Suzy Solar and Brian, and Trancelott.

RECORDED MUSIC in this venue- cd’s- tHe RaVeN- im ravin!!!, stop drop and roll!!!, flyin high!!!, what blows up, must come down!!!, rebirth!!!, welcome 2 the raven’s nest!!!, the future of music!!!, freedom pt1&2!!!, and let me fly!!!, free as a bird pt 1 & 2, and currently turbulence!!! his cd “flyin high!!!” was the last music that was ever played in CASA BLANCA!!!