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Back in the autumn of 1998 this young man made a decision that he wanted to have an earth shaking effect in the world of dance music. Band?s such as Underworld, Prodigy, L... read more
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Back in the autumn of 1998 this young man made a decision that he wanted to have an earth shaking effect in the world of dance music.

Band?s such as Underworld, Prodigy, Leftfield and Chemical Brothers were at the height of their onslaught and with loving all their albums and seeing all of these great artists perform at festivals he decided that music production, DJ?ing and all that went with it was the path for him.

Being 18, money for expensive studio gear was not exactly floating around, so he spent his college holidays doing jobs to earn the first set of decks he was to own.

The next year was spent buying records from a local record stall the now famous TANGLED PARROT records in Carmarthen. With a collection spanning hard house, trance, drum & bass, techno, break beat and hip hop, he decided he wanted to have a crack at making some of this music.

Having acquired some new kit, he set about learning how it all worked, and a lot of his friends now had decks, so all his spare time was spent trying to emulate the sounds of his idols and after about a year he had progressed from bedroom DJ to playing sets at freeparty?s nearly every weekend to having regular slots at local clubnight Transmission run by fellow DJ Chris Lewis aka ‘TING’ (now Kristofrenic), DJ’ing alongside the likes of Nick Sentience, M-Zone, Paul Glazby, Marc Vedo, BK, Lisa Lashes, Andy Farley and Ingo to name but a few, as well as keeping DJ commitments forLiquid Groove, Kool Waters, Essential Impact, Inner Rhythm and more

Coming from a free party background he relies on his technical ability more than just showmanship as getting in a mashed up state although fun was not a good idea if he wanted to interact with the crowd and get the dance floor jumping instead of him falling over!

While these were exciting times, he was encountering some unforeseen problems. He was in mid flow of a full time Music Technology course at Pembrokeshire College, and was finding it difficult to work and to maintain involvement in DJ projects, and was unsure as to the direction in which he musically was taking.

By the time it reached the winter of 2002 he decided to take a break from DJ’ing altogether and develop his studio skills and work on some projects, and with an extreme passion for dance music started producing his own tracks, and then playing them in his sets at events and party?s the following year.

However this wasn?t enough, he wanted more!, and decided to move to do a degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering, but having no outlet or way of promoting his own productions apart from playing at events, and becoming tired of the lack of exposure he and his friends were receiving decided to setup up his own label ‘’, to cater for all dance music genres to help not only promote himself but showcase his friends events and productions too.

Well known for his hard house belter “Peter F**king Andre” which he co-produced in 2002 with DJ A.D.E who is better known in the drum&bass circuit rather than the hard dance scene, and not just sticking to hard dance he has also taken to producing hip hop, breaks, drum&bass and now has X amount of productions under his belt waiting to be unleashed on the dance floor.

2007/8 looks very promising with lots of interesting and exiting new events and collaborations and releases lined up, he and the team will endeavor to bring you the finest quality welsh dance music.