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The Presets are on the march. The pugilistic club smash My People, has seen them return to the world’s airwaves and dance-floors to critical acclaim. Global ‘Pied Pipers’ in four-four time, a multi-national dance floor coalition in pursuit of a post-industrial utopia… Apocalypso.

“The last record was one big hedonistic party,” ventures Julian Hamilton, the duo’s vocalist and lyricist, “Dancing, partying, screwing. Which is valid, really valid, but I wanted to actually say something this time.”

“No matter where we’ve played, whether it’s a nightclub in Istanbul, to the sun worshippers in Barcelona, to the S&M leather daddies in San Francisco, there’s always a welcoming vibe for us. It’s almost like we’re touring the world in one country, our country, our people.”

And so the core of Apocalypso’s lead single My People is revealed; the invisible bonds across continents, between the crowds that have gathered arms aloft at The Presets’ altar, in the wake of 2005’s debut album Beams and their subsequent non-stop global tour.

Formulated at a temporary studio on a remote Australian farm and at studios in Berlin – amid the bands burgeoning European live success – Apocalypso comes wrapped in the “future pagan” artwork and imagery. The forthcoming single This Boy’s In Love is pure-pop distilled, blossoming into a chorus of technicolour-house; Anywhere is a sharp hit of emotive techno; Kicking and Screaming joins My People, press-ganging recruits to the dance floor and A New Sky’s recurrent ‘Gregorian’ theme hints at the albums future utopia. It is an expansive palette of pop songs; contorted with choral techno, pagan house and the singular sound of tomorrow.

Having met as tear-away students at Sydneys Conservatorium of Music, Julian and Kim would battle with the rudiments of Beethoven and Bach by day, and sweat it out in clubs to the strains of New Order, Bjork and The Smiths by night. Forming The Presets as a whimsical side project, they signing to Modular Recordings in 2003 and in transcending the emergent Sydney Club scene, they began forging a worldwide constituency with the EPs Blow Up and Girl And The Sea. Before their debut long player Beams (2005) spawned the global dance floor smashes ‘Down Down Down’, ‘Are You The One?’ and ‘I Go Hard, I Go Home’.

With their trademark high octane rush married to a technicolour pop-soul, The Presets have arrived at Apocalypso’s transcendent blend of pagan house, utopian techno and pure pop.