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The Perfect Cyn

Portland, United States

Electro House, Open Format

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The perfect cyn: music freak, perfectionist, lover of dirty, bassy electro, warm & twitchy tech house, techno, import & acid house.

Purpose: no longer satisfied as a spectator, Cynthia Valenti decided to share with others the care, consideration & appreciation she put into music by becoming a DJ.

Experience: shortly after becoming familiar with Portland€™s underground dance scene, Cynthia met now partner in crime, Derek fisher. Together they formed Spandecks Syndicate with a mission to cause trouble and bring their ADD-addled mix of electro, techno, disco and just plain dance-trash to unsuspecting venues all over the States. Having built a reputation for bringing cutting edge music to the dancefloor, these two have avoided being pigeonholed into any one genre, dubbing their style “sexy robot music.” Derek and Cyn have been referred to as “the most potent DJ duo in the NW” having shared the stage with the likes of Ellen Allien, T. Raumschmiere, Damian Lazarus and Smash TV. Picking up where Seattle’s Robo.Trash left off in ’03, they helped create Shameless, an electroclash dance night. In Portland they are resident DJs at Saucebox, a Portland institution, and host regular club nights as well as a weekly internet radio program called Robot Revolutions on internet radio. Tune in every Wednesday at 9pm PST to listen.

History: raised in the Chicagoland area of Indiana, Cynthia experienced the disco/house transition of the early 80s and the house/rave transition in the early 90s, but she waited to purchase gear and teach herself to dj until she moved to pdx in 2000. She attributes the encouragement to move from spectator to participant solely to Portland’s positive attitude toward women in music of all forms. The years in between bear witness to a love story between a girl and music of all kinds: from the Beatles to ac/dc, Kraftwerk, bikini kill & Underworld, with a memory attached to every song in between. In high school Cynthia learned classical music through playing the flute and piccolo but gave that up when she was old enough to go see live bands. Finally, armed with proper instruments, a technical background from previous employment, and a lifetime of care and attention to music, she could finally give back to this thing that had brought her to every positive person and place in her experience: music.

Upcoming: stay tuned to this spot for more information about Cynthia Valenti, aka the perfect cyn, & a lifetime of love for music. With help of longtime friend Kill Jill, D & C embark on Phonique – a Spandecks Syndicate venture at the intimate Noir Lounge beginning July 22nd. The Summer will play host to numerous outdoor parties with the Bassland collective, and well as playing host to some killer international talent at Holcene this fall, such as Ada/Superpitcher, T.Raumschmiere, and the Glimmers.