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The Midnight Perverts

Guadalajara, Mexico


Akbal Music, Ascension Records, Blaq Records
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Romeo Ugalde head manager of Nëim presents his first solo project called “The Midnight perverts.” Born in the USA and 6 years after living in Miami, Romeo returned to Guadalajara to begin her residency at the renowned Bar Americas. Throughout his career he has released many original tracks and remixes on different labels from the world as: Only, Wolkenfunken, Perplex, Akbal, Ascension, Blaq, Dialtone, Elefant,. 2010 is going to be a great year since Romeo along with Michal Ho where proclaimed the undisputed winners of a contest at the famous Get Physical with their track ‘Miami Sucks’ for a spot on Full Body Workout 6, a compilation selected by head honchos M.A.N.D.Y. & DJ T that will be released in mid 2010; we can’t forget that Michal is including 1 track that were done as a collaboration with Romeo in his new album ‘A Minute for Everyone’ that will be released at the renowned label Tuning Spork.

In his live PA, Romeo uses multiple synthesizers, effects processors and MIDI controllers, unlike most live events confined to the size of the software. As a DJ Romeo manages to achieve its objective or musical that balance between a unique style of Tech House. Truly a sensory spectacle.

In mid 2008 the idea of create Nëim come out, a record label in conjunction with Eduardo Pinto. So far the label has released 5 singles that been supported by people like Dubfire, Brothers Vibe, Jeff Samuel, Phonogenic, just to name just a few from a huge etcetera.

Romeo can found working in his studio, remixing, composing new tracks and perfecting the dynamics of his live act and generating ideas for his multiple invitations from around the country.