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The Messenger

Zagreb, Croatia


2600 Records, Disclosure Project, DualOrbit Recordings
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Maria S. Jones and Joel Heim, two Electronic Music enthusiasts met back in 1997 and discovered that they shared the same taste in music. Since then the two became inseparable and started the journey through various musical styles. Finally around 2002 everything was set and The Messenger was born. At first the project was aiming at deep techy grooves which transcended through the years and made the distinguished “Messenger” sound as we know it today. The Messenger was introduced to the scene at the end of 2004 through now well known German record label Night Drive Music. At the beginning of 2005 they had their first Album out on the same label and the journey had its offical take off. Since 2005 The Messenger seem to continuously produce and develop their sound, at the moment aiming for neither Deep House, Minimal House or Micro House as its definition. What we can now expect is their sound to be somewhere in between and we can call it exceptionally warm, club oriented grooves with a slightly purist approach. The roots from all the afore mentioned genres forming their unique and worldwide recognized sound. Presently The Messenger appear on over 70 releases on various labels.Their music has been released on Soul Industries, I Records,Plastic City, Soulstar, Exquisite Music, Disclosure Project Recordings, Deep Class Records, Plaster, 2600 Records, Neurotron Music, Night Drive Music and many more. In 2007 three tracks appeared on legendary “Harley & Muscle Play Deep House“ CD compilation for Soulstar. The same year they signed a track for Plastic City which recieved huge attention, reaching No.2 on Beatport Deep House Top Downloads and staying in the Top 10 for more than 2 months.The Messenger got their hands on the early 90s House Hit “Blaze – Lovelee Dae“ and produced a remix that was released in early 2008 for the Portuguese record label Vivid Trax. In 2008 the project took a little break, not releasing for most of the year and focusing on their own imprint that was about to start. Finally in October 2008 Soul Industries was officially born and it became their main focus and a daily course of action. That brings us to the future of the project which is most certainly bright. Curently The Messenger are working on their second album which will bring out the past and the future of the project in one gleaming polished package.