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The Lost Boys

Auckland, New Zealand

Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Tech House

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“Sleep all day, Party all night. Never grow old. Never Die. Its fun to be a Indie-Electro sensation and king of shit riders”

After being politely asked to leave their hometowns of Toronto and New Plymouth, Thom Simmons and Sam Saunders met in Auckland in 2008. After finding minimal success with their respective forays into Fashion and Rugby, the boys were left with music as their only passion left to pursue. The two boys then spent the following year strengthening their bond by mastering the art of mixing, and adopting a puppy together.

In a few short months they filled all the hottest venues, including Be Club, Galatos, Fu/Zen, Cassette and Flight Lounge. This includes quickly becoming New Zealand Modular Touring residents which included supporting internationals such as Australias #1 DJ Ajax, Miami Horror, The Bag Raiders, Van She, Beni, Cassian and Gloves. From which they then quickly became touring residents for other hip label ‘Sweat it Out’ and supported artists such as; Ajax, Yolanda be Cool, What So Not and Benson. All the while racking up other huge international support such as: The Magician, Treasure Fingers, Punks Jump Up, Mowgli, Moonchild and more

Fast forward two years and The Lost Boys are now regular’s in the Auckland DJ scene. Holding down residencies at the biggest club nights in town including; The Nark Collective, The Hound, Discotippin, Badluck and Vogue. Furthermore, they are regulars on the festival circuit, common fixtures in OurHouse, Big Club Night Out and in 2012 broke their Rhythm in Vines hymen.

Aside from their DJ sets the duo has also developed a unique flavour of music production, live shows and incorporated into super groups: NARK and The Marathon.

With all of this considered, it’s obvious that this duo is anything but lost, and have a bright future in front of them.