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THE LION BROTHERS, resident dj of Wake Music, born and raised in Italy, Vicenza, is a project consisting of a pair of two young brothers.

It all started with a passion for music Tech-House, which has allowed them to represent them in the evenings to share wonderful music sound clear, original and stylish.

Notes are represented by their performances back to back shared musical experience with artists of great note in the local Club, such as AlterEgo Club, Les Pois Club, Touch Me and in European cities such as Bilbao.

2012 is the year of the first productions with labels such as Italian Similar Records, Jekos Music Label, Antistatic Records, Spanish as Fresh Tech Label, Rare Music, Columbus as The Rec Room and Orunmila, and the first result comes just with the track “Bounty Blow” in Antistatic Records finishing in the Top 100 Tech-House Beatport, and then continue with the release “Danza” and “Snow” in Bronzai Records supported by Simina Grigoriu. The point of peak arrives instead with the support of the release “Pacoloco” in Jekos Music played throughout the world by the likes of Richie Hawtin.

THE LION BROTHERS, nati e cresciuti a Vicenza (Italia), è un progetto composto da una coppia di due giovani fratelli.

Tutto nasce da una passione per la musica Tech-House che li ha permesso di condividere meravigliose serate rappresentandoli in suono musicale preciso,originale e raffinato.

Sono note le loro performances rappresentate dal back to back condivise con artisti di grossa esperienza musicale in noti locali della zona, come AlterEgo Club, Les Pois Club, Touch Me e in città europee come Bilbao.

Il 2012 è l’anno delle prime produzioni con etichette italiane come Similar Records, Jekos Music Label, Antistatic Records, spagnole come Fresh Tech Label, Rare Music, Colombiane come The Room e Orunmila Rec, ed il primo risultato arriva proprio con la traccia "Bounty Blow in Antistatic Records classificandosi nella TOP 100 Tech-House di Beatport, per poi continuare con le release “Danza” e “Snow” in Bronzai Records supportate da Simina Grigoriu. Il punto di vetta arriva invece con il supporto della release “Pacoloco” in Jekos Music suonata in tutto il mondo da artisti del calibro di Richie Hawtin.



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The Lion Brothers