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The Knife

Stockholm, Sweden


Brille, Mute (NA), MUTE / (MU2)
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  • Reminders

    No Bandcamp Friday this month, but there is a Juneteenth even in its place. Seems like there isn'...

    Sat 12th June 1 PM
  • About the House

    It's been a little while since that last one, and I was looking over my list of tunes that had pi...

    Sat 20th March 1 PM
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This is the world of The Knife: precise, particular, dark, occult, funny-peculiar, funny-ha-ha. This Swedish brother-and-sister duo work mostly on their own in splendid isolation; they release music on their own label, licensing it to selected partners around the world, so they have to answer to no one. They have only ever played live once because they’re still wrestling with the old conundrum of how to present ‘computer music’ in an interesting way on the stage. Within the steely electronic pop of their last album Deep Cuts lurked songs about women’s rights and the duty of good citizens to pay their taxes. For their last set of pictures they dressed as gymnasts.

The Knife don’t do anything by half, and they don’t do anything twice. Compromise is the enemy, repetition a cop-out.