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Originally from Portland, Oregon, Kyle dePinna began as a freshman film major at LMU in 2007. His original draw to Los Angeles stemmed from a passion for acting and the artistic aspects of the entertainment industry. Early on, Kyle met fellow student Danny Parra, who sparked his interest in electronic music culture. Danny had been DJing for years and took Kyle under his wing.

In 2008 Kyle and Danny Parra founded Shifty Rhythms ( It is a collective of quality driven, optimistic music taste testers who are dedicated to sifting through the mounds of music unleashed by the instant internet generation to find what matters. The mission of Shifty is to offer a progressive, creative, respectful and musically-driven lifestyle alternative.

Shifty manifests itself in the form of music production, audio engineering, events, web development, non-fiction writing, social media engagement, graphic design, video production, and DJ services. It has grown to include a dozen talented and forwarding-thinking individuals. As creator and manager, Kyle is involved in every aspect of Shifty Rhythms. As his DJ moniker, the KiD, he has spun all over Los Angeles including LMU’s College Fest, various greek and club events, warehouse parties in East LA, and almost every bar that supports electronic music on the westside.

The tastes of LMU’s student body have shifted to more electronic sound as a testament to Kyle and Danny’s influence on the community. If Shifty Rhythms is an exemplary blend of sonic and digital gumption, Kyle has been the architect.