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The Impossibles

Sydney, Australia


Virgin Records Ltd.
The Impossibles Beatport


The Impossibles are a Sydney trio comprised of 1 MC & 2 DJs who play predominately breakbeat sets laced with vocals, samples and effects. Originally formed in early 2004 and consisting of only 2 DJs, Impact and Munkay, mid 2004 saw the introduction of Forey The Mastermind as the MC, adding an extra element to their already busy mix of sounds.

Between the 3 of them they have a broad taste in music and their unique sets express this, including anything from breaks, drum & bass, hip hop, house, pop, rock or techno. Each member has varied influences – Munkay is very hip hop oriented, Forey likes stuff with a harder edge and Impact draws on his previous experience as a drum & bass and techno DJ.

The Impossibles are always up for a challenge and love to push musical boundaries – who else would mix Britney Spears into Plump DJs and then follow it with Limp Bizkit!?! Never taking things too seriously, their anything goes attitude towards DJing and music ensures that whenever they play it’s always energetic and fun.