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The Human Experience

Oakland, United States

Jumpsuit Records, Simplify Recordings
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Hello all of you beautiful human beings. I hope you all enjoy my art. This is my heart and soul. I believe that we as human beings are channels for Creative Expression. We are the vehicles through which divine consciousness operates. We CAN choose to journey through this Human Experience with the acknowledgment of our higher self. Every single one of you contains the infinite magic of creation in each and every breath. So be beautiful ya’ll!!!

Sing, dance, play, dont take life to seriously. Create, Collaborate, Share, Learn.


Love you very much


David Block (The Human Experience)

At a fundamental level

We are more than just billions of atoms

We are all vibrations

We are all sounds

Everything in the universe

Is a sound

Ones thoughts

Ones intentions

Are sounds

Our love

Our fears

Are sounds

Our Hopes

Our Dreams

Are sounds


Inaudible sounds

All songs are the original compositions/productions/arrangements/Mixes of David Block

(The HumanExperience).

Songs listed as “live” were performed, mixed, orchestrated, and recorded live on the Roland Fantom X8 by The Human Experience and are unedited. All parts played by The Human Experience unless otherwise noted.