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The Fuzz

Los Angeles, United States

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When they came together, the members of Washington, DC’s Object-Oriented Bliss (a.k.a. double-OH-bliss) had one goal in mind: to put the Nation’s Capitol on the breakbeat map. If that sounds ambitious, that’s because it was.

Home to the legendary Buzz Nightclub and Eighteenth St. Lounge, Washington’s underground has spawned some of the industry’s most renowned and respected DJs and producers including Fort Knox Five, Tittsworth and Nadastrom. Object-Oriented Bliss took it upon themselves to turn DC on its proverbial ear. If there was a beat in DC that was broken, you can be sure that Object-Oriented Bliss broke it.

In 2010, the party moved to Los Angeles. With an infectious blend of styles that range from dark and intelligent to in-your-face funk, Object-Oriented Bliss will kick a hole in your speakers.