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Tommy “The Funk Out” McFadden hails from Liverpool UK. Having in recent years made huge waves in Fidget this self proclaimed “Scouse Fidget Monkey” has nothing short of a world class talent. With support from some big names as Defunct!, Boyz Noize, Lee Mortimer, Rico Tubbs, Viro & Analyze, Frederik Mooij, WoNK, Dirty Freek to name but a few, this guy is definatly on his way up!

Currently hammering the studio after a year out TFO is back to bring Fidget to the masses once again with his unmistakeable productions.

After being inspired for many years by his Father (who was a Disco DJ) Tommy was sure to pursue a career in music, learning the art of reading the crowd to dictate song selection from an early age his sets today are always tailoured to the people. As seen in previous sets confetti cannons, glow sticks and air horns always make their way into his bag of tricks at live performances!

Starting to mix club music by 15, after a few months TFO picked up a BCD Records 12" release and wondered “how do they do this?” and with that he started on the road that would innevitably lead him to be one the most innovative and influential Fidget producers in the game.

No matter how some people may hear the Fidget sound the thing that drew Tommy to the sound was something that really spoke to him, in his own words….

“Calculated Randomness! To me the most important thing in EDM is Creative Rhythm, without solid, rhythmic drums your track is flawed from the ground up. When people think of EDM they think of this… BANG BANG BANG! For me the key to get the body moving has been what I call my Loose Jazz Rhythm, it took me a while to get into my drums what I wanted but when I got it, its never left. I was inspired by that sort of rhythm in Hip Hop, to this day I am still a huge Old Skool Hip Hop fan. BASS, one of the key things that define Fidget but not a BE ALL AND END ALL! As alot of people will tell you Fidget Basslines today seem to be lifted straight out of Dubstep which is not a bad thing, but to use it religiously in Fidget on all productions is as far as Im concerned. This is where Calculated Randomness comes in, most of my basslines are created purely by accident, knob twisting and lashing on random LFO`s anywhere I can – RANDOM. When I have a sound I like I work it into the Loose Jazz Rhythm of the track by using a combination of careful LFO automation, quantization and sidechain compression – CALCULATION. Through it all one thing keeps me striving to make the next track my best work… Create To Inspire” – TFO.