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The Entranced

Hillegom, Netherlands

Electronica, Trance

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About The Entranced

Doenja Clerkx, the woman behind The Entranced was born in 1979 and grew up in Lisse, a little village wellknown for it’s flowers and the Keukenhof. As a kid she always said she wanted to become an artist, but not in music, in painting! She took lessons in drawing and chose it as one of her courses in pre-university education. In the last year, after painting three pictures that said everything she wanted to say at that time, she changed her mind and decided to study economics.

In the mean time her love for music had grown, especially for trance music. As the ideas for drawings had disappeared, she started looking for a new hobby and a new way of using her creativity. She purchased an easy programme to create music with samples. After two songs the programme became boring, because there wasn’t enough creative challenge in working with other people’s ideas. Two months after deciding that she wanted to write her own music the idea for Live your dream just popped up in her head one night, and kept her awake for many nights, along with lots of other ideas, until she finished the first version.

While working on that first version, she got many other ideas for tracks and got so excited that she decided to invest in better software. With the new software she made new versions of Live your dream, while learning how to work with it in the process.

The results are the mixes you can listen to and download here and on facebook: