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The Dolphins are one of the most important names of the new Italian dance scene. Group formed by 3 members – Alessandro Veneri, Cristiano Valentini, Giacomo Doglione, all with previous experiences – they started to team up in the year 2000.

In a few years the trio started to walk on its own legs and, thanks to a frenetic “pass the word” between the attendants created by the outset “Rosemary” on Sushi Records, Ivan Iacobucci wanted them for his Hole Subaltern Records. With this label they produced the explosive single “House Panic”, after which they were required also by the famous American label Guidance Recording and the English Hooj Choons (that remixed a big such us Paul Woolford, Dexter and Inland Knights): “House Panic” has literally created panic in the international house chart, giving notoriety to the Italian crew. In year 2003 – with only two records produced – the combo recovered with lots of pressure and various labels were interested to their challenging electric mix, dance, techno and rock melodies: in one year, The Dolphins published their new single “Knockin’Out” and got to remix artist like Echomen, House Of Glass, Cincinnati, Cool Shop, Ajello and various others, imposing themselves like one of the most demanded names among the mixers of the Made In Italy school.

The year 2004 is characterized by the approach to the Italian Ocean Dark – sub label of Ocean Trax, label of the famous duo Bini&Martini – for which they became immediately on of the most important projects : in a short period, the Dolphins produce the singles “This Is Our Show”, “Pornographic”, Warriors"- confirming themselves as important productive reality. At the same time, a very intensive activity of dj-ing develops in the Italian territory, individually and collectively, in set that becomes exercise for live experiments , use of keyboards, tools and also vocal backings . In a period of great artistic/productive growth, The Dolphins develop a sound always more personal and challenging, mixing minimal influences and electronic, house melodies and techno rhythms, always considering an important dance floor, key element that has always characterized the crew’s productions.

During 2006 the ensemble has mixed the success of Bini&Martini “Stop” (gathering a big success in the Beatport chart), the piece “Sentinel” by Transglobal Underground and, not pleased, he created the alter ego production Audio Vegas, firing two ep’s for the Pump-Kin of the very famous Benny Benassi. At the same time he reinforced his partnership with Ocean Dark and they published two ep’s of remarkable success “Base One”, “Base Two” and “Monogram”, hits in the download charts, as well as records among the most important international scene for the label itself.

2007 has been a year of further growth : on one side The Dolphins has continued the activity for Ocean Dark, releasing the new e.p. called “minibox”, on the other they have created a new liaison with Mantravibes, Mark Knights Toolroom Records (for which they have just remixed the hits “My MTV” by Noir and “Roadkill” by Dubfire ) ,Proton Music (Us), Noir Music (Dk) and Southern Fried( UK – Fatboy Slims label). Beyond this, developing the relation with Pump-Kin and growing the alias Audio Vegas, the trio has attempted a series of Pump-Kin Night around the world and they have produced two more ep: Drama and Morphine

2008 started with two great tracks, “Chemical Youth” and the hit “Haze Hard" on SCI+TEC Digital Audio (US_Dubfire’s label), that brought the crew at the top of the charts. After this release they have worked like remixer for Suara (ES) Lot 49 (UK), Old Sail (I) and Evolution recordings (I) and produced “From Hell” e.p. with Italo Business records (I) and “Booster” on Foot Lovers (I)

The 2009 looks set to be a natural progression for The Dolphins and is almoust a year that is surely destined to bring them even greater success. They first started with “Verderame” into the new “Flash Digital Compilation” on Flash Digital (Florian Meindl & Oliver Koletzky’s label), then the remix of the hit “The Cat” by Fuzzy Hair & Robbie Rivera and they produced the new singles “Muscle Jackson” and “Fluo” on Evolution recordings (I); also the crew are working with Affin records ( DE_Joachim Spieth’s label) for the debut releases “Broken Hobo” and “Outlaw”.

With the single “Buffalo” on Sci+Tec they continue the activity for Dubfire and also started to work for Erratom Records (Fr), Boxer (De), Affin (DE), Evolution Recordings (I) and Opossum (De). .