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The Doktor

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*Giuseppe bertè was born in 1980 in Messina (Sicily). Artistically he appears on the musical scene in 1994 like deejay Doctor Peppe. From year to year, he become quickly very popular among the discos (of interland messinese) with the sort musical of tendency that some time ago was the dance. In 1996 he sticks to the step with the sort musical and decides to change kind, a more gripping and hypnotic sound that some time ago was the techno, hard-style with a sound sometimes hard-core. In the 2000, he suggestes with a new name.."THE DOKTOR” and he becomes to dedicate to an elektro sound,minimal and teck.. Quickly, becomes very well-know among the house population. From year to year his artistic life has been always taken by transmitting station, other his big passion.