The Crisis Project

Bristol, United Kingdom

The Crisis Project Beatport


Hazy, emotionally invigorating music, infusing house and techno with fuzz, soundscapes and dystopia. Through delicate mixing of live instrumentation, assorted analog devices and haunting vocals, this collective creates intricate and immersive audio collages.

As a live outfit, The Crisis Project caters for the senses, blending their distinctive sound with integrated visual arts to provide a fresh aesthetic on dance music.

The Crisis Project are Andrew Russell and Jason Baker.


[email protected]

“The Crisis Project [are] serious contenders for a spot among your hazy, gazing electronica collection.” – When I Heard You

“Some of the rawest, most honest music we’ve had in a while” – Cut Records

“As much as they’re nice to sit/lay back and absorb through a pair of headphones, The Crisis Project are a musical dish best served live” – I Love Pie (Sound of the Month).

“a unique take on contemporary dance music” – Drunken Warewolf

“We love it” – 100% Bristol Music Show (Not Again – Track of the Week).