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The Creator Of Noise

Haaksbergen, Netherlands

Electronica, Hardcore / Hard Techno

AKA: Stephan Breukers, Stephan B

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Stephan Breukers aka The Creator Of Noise is a Producer/DJ and live act! He’s been making electric music since 1994. He started in 2004 with DJ KOJAK, BANNA, BAKANI & MC FATDOG under the name ANTI EAR DRUM! Stephan Breukers also did solo projects and live acts under the names: DJ STEPHAN B, Tukka Terra, The Creators Of Noise, De Haaksbergse Terrorist, DJ STEF & Bram The Beast, The Creator Of Noise & Preacher, Haaksbergen Sounds Hardcore, Atjan Eule, HSH Crew, CREATOR OF NOISE, Hactetmans and The Skunk Junk. In 2001 started Stephan Breukers on MP3.COM, He also played at underground hardcore parties & clubs under the name: THE CREATOR OF NOISE. In 1996 he created his first cd-r: Haaksbergen Sounds Hardcore. Stephan Breukers played his music live at Royalbeats 2003 and at the UBV DJ CONTEST 2004 Utrecht. He plays in 2005 at different radio stations: Radio Hengelo (Hesselschudding) & Airpeace FM (KraakPiepShow). Also in France (Paris), Poland (Gorzow Wielkopolski), Belgium (Gent), Germany (Ochtrup), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Schijndel, Almere, Grootebroek (Wicked Hardcore)& Haaksbergen. In 2006 on radio Sternet FM (Dance On Air) & Radio Hengelo (Young Radio). And 28-04-2006 Stephan Breukers turns as a dj under the name CREATOR OF NOISE @ HARDCORE ANTI EAR DRUM a party in Holland (losser), And 06-05-2006 at a young swingers party in Holland (Haaksbergen) as DJ STEPHAN.