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The Butcher Brotherz

Bayonne, United States


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Klone Killa started in the early ‘90s in electronic dance music sub-genres with the use of Roland 808’s, 909’s, MC 303, etc. Where he worked with Jilloff Tapes, an underground tape trading label, creating experimental Noise & Glitch Style Music. Heavily influenced by Drum ‘N’ Bass & Gabba. He went under the name DJ AKOSM, where he played such venues as The Tunnel, Limelight, Club Exit, The Living Room, Arlene’s Grocery, and a residency at Korova Milk Bar in the East Village with 6 Hour Sets Consisting of audio, video, and live mic-manipulation. He started in the digital era in the early 2000s with Fruity Loops creating new experimental styles of EDM.

Brother Son started in the late ‘90s under the name The Son writing Hip-Hop lyrics and creating Breaks Style Music with some of the earliest versions of Fruity Loops, while releasing a number of underground Hip-Hop songs with artists such as Astal and Black Sand. Influenced heavily by Hardcore Rap, Industrial, & Deep House, he began producing Tech-House and Drum ’N’ Bass in 2008 after a hiatus due to military obligations with DAWs such as FL Studio & Reason. Only in 2011 did he begin writing Bass Style Music with Ableton Live & Cubase.

While we grew up in different eras on the fringe of two generations in New Jersey and have been involved in music in one form or another for over 30 years between us, only within the last year did we finally decide to create music together that conveys a Message and articulates our Passion for Life! Come Enter The Butcher Shop and explore our Vision, A Revolutionary Voice for The Oppressed Masses… Our names are Brother Son and Klone Killa, and We are The Butcher Brotherz!