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Past – Dj the Bandit is from the Netherlands, also known as Holland. He started spinning in the year 1995. In the early years he mainly played Hardcore until the neighbors would go crazy. He became a local well known Dj and started playing at several parties and radio stations. As the years went by, so went the music, he started to listen around and discovered that there was more than hardcore. He started to buy Trance, Techno, Hardhouse, basically everything he liked. Till this day on he still likes to spin a variety of music. Don’t worry he does not mix these styles together, he sticks with one music style when he’s spinning. He’s just a vinyl junkie.

Present – Dj the Bandit, moved to the United States in the year 2002 for a job. After living in Portland, Oregon for several months, the itch came back. He bought new “wheels of steel” and records and started all over again. He’s bringing his European music style to PDX on a regular basis!