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Thankyou City


4digitalaudio, Chameleon Recordings
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Legend has it that in their youth they liberated the heart of the revolutionary charge that brought down tyranny and restored freedom of choice to the people. Some say they faced off, back to back, and fought a hundred men with their bare hands. Others say they were given special powers to fight conformity and take down The Man once and for all. But as legend may have it, what I do know is that before they took their chance to face their greatest enemy, they sought to spread the word and build a force that would stand with them in their all-conquering hour. They covered ground in the Melbourne underground scene, working tirelessly to develop their aural onslaught as well as seeking to build a loyal force and to unite with them along the way. As their voice resonated throughout the scene, speaking its promise of wonky baselines, phat kicks, tight drums and twisted melodies, it wasn’t long before it sparked interest and offers to collaborate on strategic remixes with other rebel producers. Swimming within such a talented pool worked to validate their cause and broadened the reach of their name. This in turn would see them be offered spots at popular events and festivals to spread their word and take their vibe to a greater audience. Their most triumphant, was when they detonated the charges on their main stage live performance at Rainbow Serpent in 2011, as well as visually annihilating and audibly captivating crowds at Subsonic Music Festival 2010/2011. After a successful assignment with Subsonic Music, their latest mission has seen them make their stand with debut release, The Riddle at Fortunes Pass, for Chameleon Recordings. After a short time in the field The Riddle at Fortunes Pass made a solid impact and gained support from industry heavyweights. With such a unique approach to their music, live performances and everything in between, they have the pieces to make the moves. They took it to the people, they took it to The Man, now it’s here for you, take it or leave it, they are Thankyou City.