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Terry Mullan, Chicago’s turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. His credits include Twilo, 1015 Folsom, Sona, Bugged Out, The End, Pure, The Queen amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking acid house combined with cutting and scratching making up an entirely new genre all his own.

The eighties posed as the formative years of Terry’s career. Although his roots began in hiphop, he found himself smack in the middle of the Chicago house explosion. House and Disco were styles of music that were entirely new to Terry, but the match was struck. Soon after gaining inspiration from the Chicago air personalities like Ron Hardy, Farley “jack master” Funk, Mike “hitman” Wilson via 102.7 WBMX, Terry made house his home. Next, when acid house hit the US, the link was completed; Terry found the sound he was looking for. Never one to follow the masses, he borrowed from each genre to create what we all know to be Terry’s sound, putting a bad ass twist on an otherwise conservative house scene.

Terry’s activities soon diversified to include remixing and producing. With the development of his own label Catalyst Recordings, Terry took things to the next level. Through his label he released projects for the likes of DJ Sneak and Ian Pooley, as well as for himself under Speakerphreaker. Additionally, Terry gained notoriety for his track under the moniker “Serotonin project” which was featured on The Chemical Brothers mix album entitled “Brothers gonna work it out”. Some of Terry’s more recent accomplishments include the largely successful “La Nina/Nickel bag da funk” E.P. on Smile under Speakerphreaker. (Terry Mullan & Halo Varga collaboration). His remixes for and alongside DJ Dan are also favorites of DJs all over the globe. These tunes have earned him a reputation that extends worldwide. If you have experienced a Terry Mullan set (and chances are you have) then you know he rocks the show, ’nuff said!