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Colchester, United Kingdom

Drum & Bass

Mental Madness Records
Terraformer Beatport


Terraformer started mixing in 1997 at age 14 playing at local under-18s parties, and ever since then he has developed a passion for playing & producing music. Most of his time these days is spent either making or mixing.

Expect a hectic fast-paced mix of top grade D&B/Techstep in his sets, including exclusives from talented up & coming producers

More recently he has been focusing on producing his own tracks, with several tracks currently getting playtime on the internet radio circuit. (Red Mist, Batwing, Merzouga, Nude-Moon (remix), Icky Sticky and more)

Terraformer has a weekly show on UKBassRadio from 10pm GMT Saturdays, and is a regular guest on The Bassknights Show on Destroyer Internet Radio hosted by Onslaught.

dont forget to visit the Bassknights site for more information mixes and more :)

Maximum respect out the the rest of the Bassknights, UKBass crew, Nastybeatz, Unitedmindz, Reputation, MayhemDnB, Yourbeats, DnB4Essex, LifePlusRecordings, Nude, and HOTV family. and a Massive shout out to Lyricz and the rest of the mad drum and bass ravers :D