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Terje Bakke

Bergen, Norway

Progressive House, Trance

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Terje Bakke Beatport


Terje, has at the mere age of 17, gained fame rapidly in the progressive scene for his music and DJ skills. It all started August 1987 in Bergen, Norway. He grew up with interest in Electronic Dance Music. It all started out with commercial dance music and constantly evolved from there. In age of 13 he fanatically started to produce music. He got his hands on the beloved Fruity Loops sequencer. Early in 2003 he found the sound of Trance. His influence was Armin Van Buuren and his show A State of Trance. This inspired him to become a DJ himself. Late summer 2003 he got himself a pair of Pioneer Cdj-100s and a cheap mixer from a friend. His life as DJ was officially started. He spent interminable hours in front of his decks, practicing.

Christmas 2003 he played some sets for a Swedish net radio called ( In May 2004, he made a track called ‘Kajal – Exquisite’. This track gained interest of Djs like Markus Schulz, Stian Klo (Lik Wit), Ben Lost, Ozgur Can, Perry O’Neil and Greg Benz. This was the start of an endless journey for Terje. In summer 2004 Terje and the Swedish mega talent Joni Ljungqvist teamed up for a production called Bakke & Ljungqvist – Fanatic. This track gained huge interest and was picked up on Armada for Markus Schulz – Coldharbour Selections. That Summer, Terje also won Markus Schulz – Global Dj Broadcast contest.

Today, Terje is running his own show ‘Exquisite’, weekly on He also have releases and remixes forthcoming on 3 Beat, O recordings and Lost Language to name a few. His journey continues!