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The Teo Brothers’ love for DJ’ing started at an early age. They were introduced to the world of DJ’ing in their early teens (Gary being only 12 and Dave 15 years old) by their cousin who had a DJ table, mixer and a pack of house vinyl’s. The first moment the brothers played with the gear they fell in love and were eager to learn more. Only after a year of practising they landed their first gig and had a go of putting the theory into practise. That magical moment of the crowd going wild on their records was a powerful catalyst and since then the brothers have never looked back.

Within the past ten years the brothers have toured extensively across the Netherlands and have achieved a couple of residencies such as Rico’s in Ijmuiden where they played alongside with the likes of Dennis Ferrer, Gregor Salto and Ricky Rivaro. They have also played in large venues alongside DJ’s such as Spider Willem and DJ Jurgen in Marcanti (Amsterdam), Hemkade (Zaandam) and Red Lounge (Zeist) and have also done several radio features (Slam FM).

The Teo Brothers have been heavily influences by the old Motown records and Hed Kandi label. The music these brothers play can be described as soulful house with a combination of Latin house and funky grooves. It is a unique mixture in this era of dirty electro and techno beats that we live in. The vocal filled and sun kissed music that these brothers play brings the listener to the beaches of Ibiza and Miami and warm up the mood – no matter the season!

During the past couple of years the brothers have hit the recording studios hard and started to create their own tracks. Not long after this they attracted attention from record labels in the Netherlands and they signed a deal with 7 Stars Music in March 2011. Many tracks are set for release already for this year, so the future promises a lot for these soulful brothers. Their targets are rather humble for a DJ (as opposed to the usual world domination) – simply to make good music and to have as many gigs as possible. With this feet to the ground attitude and the smiling music they bring to the world success will be inevitable. So, keep watching this space – The Teo Brothers will shine within 2011!