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Almere, Netherlands



He was born 1980 in Purmerend near Amsterdam.

In his mid-teen years he started to experiment with mixing and since 2000 he became really active with mixing for audience on an Easter party for a basketball club.

2003 till 2004.

In 2003 he became a resident DJ for Club Lansdael where he ‘dj-ed’ with success until the end of 2004.

2005 Changes.

In 2005 there was a big change. He focused himself on parties, playing his music (trance, hardtrance & hardstyle) reaching more people. And with success, he also joined XLDJ Connections and for both a great future ahead. He already played at Fluor, Evolution Of Hardstyles, Queenstyle. Xtra Large Dutch DJ Contest 1st Round in Kingdom Venue, Amsterdam (Marquanti), Evolution in Veenendaal, Various XLDJ Connections Promotion Nights, Festivak 2005 in Autotron Rosmalen, Bora Bora The Contest Round 1 in Valkenswaard, Catastrophy in De Waakzaamheid in Koog a/d Zaan, Loose End DJ Contest in Reeuwijk. During this year it was obvious which music belongs to DJ Tensity. Tensity grew and the the music he had chosen a long his patch was the perfect match. Give him trance, tech-trance, hard-trance or progressive trance and he knows what to do with it.

2006 Getting better

The year already started great. He spinned at the 1/8 Finales of the Bora Bora Contest. The 14th of January live on Slam FM radio and several nights in Zandvoort. He also became part of Solar Motion (DJ Team existing of Tensity and Just-D) and gigs are also planned for this team, like queensday in Zandvoort, and mid june at Radio Alphenstad FM. Further more DJ Tensity also performed at gigs like HouSexy at the Kindom Venue, Futuristic at Chez Be Be (Utrecht), LOUD! in the P3 in Purmerend. November was a special month, beginning the month with Flow where he played before Menno de Jong but working to his own first event called Trance 4 Life. 2 promotional guestmixes at Omroep Flevoland and Alphenstad FM and at the 25th his event, which was fantastic! Shortly after that Tensity got invited to spin at A Journey Through Trance in Waalwijk and the second edition of LOUD! The end of december a new event at Club Latido organized by Decisions which got Tensity a nice place in the line-up. This is a perfect finalization of 2006.


Looking at the year 2007 also some great performances has been done. Resident at Collective Dance concept LOUD. Also he performed at the Dancetour Lelystad DJ Contest where he got ranked well. Also a gig in Den Helder was realized as he was contacted for this. Due to some personal changes producing was not an option yet but postponed this to 2008.

Now in 2008

Once again Tensity grew in spinning his music and evolved to new sounds as well. While he never gives up the trance, future sets will be influenced with a few different styles which will defenitely suprises people. Already another performance for Loud and also a a performance in Almere, together with Rank 1 in the line-up. Shortly after that Tensity applied for the Dancetour Lelystad DJ Contest, which he won and at May 1st he got to play at this event together with Ferry Corsten, Bart Claessen, Benny Roderiquez to name a few. This really gave a boost to the need to spin more and that is why he joined a weekly internet radio show called Thursday Night Central @ TotaalFM.

More to come, new chances, Tensity is ready for it!