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Joe Garrett aka Temple One is one of the hottest names in uplifting trance at the moment.

Hailing from the southern part of England, Joe found a passion for music in his early childhood, and at age 10 he found a love to the sound of Trance.

He began to collect all sorts and shapes of trance music he could get hold of, and found great inspiration in the old Gatecrasher Compilations.

An urge to try out the art of DJ’ing lead to Joe spending most of his time off learning to master the decks,

soon enough Joe wanted to take things further and decided to take up producing, starting off with programs like Ejay and Music 2000 he got a taste for producing

and moved on to more advanced programs such as Cubase, Logic and Reason.

In 2006 Joe got his first release a two track EP at Trance Revolution Recordings, and with guys like Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Matt Hardwick supporting the tune,

A whole new world opened for the young talented englishman.

Joe joined Enhanced Music in 2006 following his release on Trance Revolution and continued to make quite an impact on the Trance scene. Besides remixing guys like Alex MOPRH and Woody Van Eyden, he released a 3 track EP on Enhanced, that further solidified his position as one of the young bright minds of the UK trance scene.

The Aurora EP got huge support all over the world by the likes of Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Above & Beyond. Joe didnt hesitate to take things further and quickly became one of the most requested guys in terms of remixes, taking artists like Fast Distance, Elsa Hill and AF Project to a whole new level.

Racing through 2009 at the speed of light, Joe Garret aka. Temple One continues to solidify himself as a producer and as a DJ, already having played at events such as Digital Society and Gatecrasher Joe is making his mark in and out of the studio.

Having the honour of launching the long-awaited Digital Society Recordings with a stunning EP titled Afterglow and a mighty trancer String Theory for Enhanced Recordings, aswell as a more subtle driving EP titled Betelgeuse and a brand new mix compilation with fellow enhanced artist Estiva titled Enhanced Sessions Vol. 1, Joe Garrett continuosly manages to stir up a trance scene many people thought had been at a standstill.

No one knows what to expect from this truly talented young englishman who has managed to create quite a name for himself on the UK trance scene, one thing is for sure though, quite a number of the big names in the industry have got an eye on Temple One.