Top 25k on The DJ List


Särevere, Estonia

Hip-Hop, Open Format


One of the staples of the Midwest underground for the past decade, Teknobaby is well known for promoting underground events and turning it out on the tables. Being active in the EDM scene since 1994, he has certainly seen his share of the spotlight. Spinning alongside artists such as Heather Heart, Dave Hollands, Terry Mullan, Josh Wink, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Sneak, Robert Armani, DJ Dan and Claude Young, Teknobaby has the skills and talent to make his mark on any event.

Growing up on hip hop as a teen, Teknobaby collected records such as the Sugar Hill Gang, Fat Boys, Run DMC, and the Beastie Boys. Attending teen clubs every weekend, Teknobaby teamed up with a breakin’ crew and performed at several clubs around the city. Teknobaby’s favorite artists were Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, later followed by electronic artists such as DEE-Lite, Technotronic, Snap, and many others.

Teknobaby’s love of electronic music began in 1989 when he discovered CD’s such as Rave Til Dawn and 140 BPM. In 1990, Teknobaby purchased his first house record by Lil Louis’ called French Kiss. A few months later, Teknobaby attending his first rave and fell in love with the music and a new form of dance. Teknobaby spent a few years traveling the U.S., dancing til the sun came up, while studying all variations of house, techno, jungle, and trance in the underground scene.

In 1994, after producing several underground events and trying his hand on the 1200’s, Teknobaby traveled to the Underground Record Store in Orlando and began ordering records from Chris Fortier, DJ Icey and Kimball Collins. From there, Teknobaby also began a collection of acid tracks, ordering from DJ Sneak at Gramophone Records in Chicago. This included hits like Robert Armani’s “Circus Bells”, a few by Hyperactive, and many others.

From 1995 to 1996, Teknobaby began touring as a DJ, spinning at underground events, while holding a residency at Sparks, a local night club in Louisville, KY. In early 1996, Teknobaby’s love for techno directed him to Heather Heart at Sonic Groove Records in New York where he finally discovered his true style.

From 1996 to 1999, Teknobaby toured the South and Midwest, bringing the techno flavor to all who would endure it, while throwing some reputable underground events in several cities in the Midwest.

In 2000, Teknobaby relocated to Northeast Ohio and extended Project 7 into a new realm. With a DJ crew of seven, Teknobaby led the organization by offering DJ bookings, streaming radio shows, promoting events, and organizing a DJ tour of the Midwest. Project 7 has gone through many changes throughout the years but still holds true to its founding ideals. Today Project 7 includes many old school DJ’s and artists including Teknobaby, Cleveland’s #1 ranked DJ by The DJ List.

DJ Teknobaby has released 6 mixed tapes and 4 CD’s. Some of Teknobaby’s favorite artists and performers are Richie Hawtin, ESP Woody McBride, Oliver Ho, Dave Ralph, Thomas Krome, Joel Mull, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Donald Glaude, and Heather Heart.

From touring the country checking out new DJ’s, producing underground events, and turning it out on the tables, Teknobaby packs old-school feelings and true raver examples.