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Tekkno Gru

Kostanjevica Na Krki, Slovenia

Techno, Trance

Ocean Drive Records
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Cristian Van Gurgel aka Dj Tekkno Gru is a DJ and producer.He started djing in year 2002 when he started playing in underground parties and clubs in his homeland.At the beginning, his sound was mostly influenced by the German and Slovenian techno scene.He soon started producing his own music to and in year 2007 his first track was released, it was released under his dj name dj Tekkno Gru by us Ocean Drive Records.In years later he teamed up with producer and dj El Fabiiani. There collaboration led to some great releases, some of them were listed on top 100 releases in some promo pools.In year 2011 his tech house track Tech Mouse was released on Aenaria Recordings, track was supported and played by Ibiza Gobal Radio and also got good support from some djs.His music was released on labels like, Fabiiani Records, Volt9 Recordings, Aenaria Recordings, 7.23 Records, Silver Screen Recordings,953 Recordings, Sa Trincha Recordings, Progeletech, Bavaria Recordings. He is playing and producing genres like techno, tech-house, progressive.His mix sets are dynamic and uplifting, flavoured with few vocals and good drive.Behind a pair of CDJs, he is delivering one heel of a performance, always trying to connect with the crowd and make a good atmosphere on the dance floor.