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Dirty Beatz / LED / DNBKonferencija // CRO

A member of the collective LED from Karlovac (Lokalna Elektronička Defenziva), which has been present on Croatian scene for eight years and it is best known for organization of LED FEST, their most famous project.

Besides LED, she is a member of the oldest drum & bass crew in Croatia, Dirty Beatz, from Zagreb. Dirty Beatz has been present on Croatian scene for thirteen years. Within their organization she shared stage with: Billain, June Miller, L 33, Mefjus, Chris.SU, Amoss, Treo, DLR

Also she is one of the initiators and organizers of the first Croatian DNBKonferencija, a project that annually brings together all active Croatian drum&bass producers, DJs, organizers and promoters. The project has become one of the main promoters of drum & bass culture in Croatia.

In just four years, Tekitoka had performances throughout whole Croatia, from Vukovar, Osijek, Karlovac, Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Pazin to Split. Besides Croatia, she has performed in Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Novi Sad. She has performed on almost every known drum&bass event in Croatia: Drama, LoopJunkies – Karantena, VuBass, Pistolero, VuCore, Trip to Zion, Jabbaton, PitchWise, Beat Svega, DNBKonferencija, Kult, EastSubTour, Seasplash Festival, Diversity Festival, Fall Fest. She has performed two times on the biggest bass festival in our region – Outlook Festival. Last summer she performed for the first time in Bulgaria, on one of the oldest drum & bass festivals in this part of Europe, Broken Balkanz.

Absolute lover of indescribable energy that comes from drum&bass music, so in her sets you can expect a huge amount of it. Energy. That’s one word to describe her sets.

Styles that she prefers: neurofunk / techstep.

Artists who represent her immense inspiration and as such are part of the story she transferred to listeners in her sets are: Noisia, Phace, Billain, Jade, June Miller, Icicle, Ed Rush, Prolix, Optiv, Mefjus, Audio, BTK, Black Sun Empire, Amoss, Blokhe4d, Calyx, Kodin, Teebee, Break, MIsanthrop, Rregula, Dementia, Rockwell, C4C, Krot, Paperclip, Axiom, Sillent Witness, Current Value, Gridlok, Neonlight, Maztek, Fourward, Nickbee, The Upbeats, Enei, L33, DLR