Tegan Beatport


Frustration with the lack of quality dance music being played in most Orange County clubs was DJ Tegan’s motivation for his part in making a change. Most venues had little to do with House, Trance, and Breaks, while Hip Hop and Commercialized Dance ruled the floor.

With a passion for the music that you had to venture to Los Angeles or San Diego to enjoy, he decided to take up DJing in an effort to bring light to many music styles that he found intriguing and amazing.

He had the help and guidance of long time musician/DJ friend KHAZ, and was off to a quick start due to Khaz’s musical background and DJing style. Countless hours were spent learning and listening to the best DJ’s L.A. had to offer, and he soon had developed his own style and technique.

DJ Tegan mixes Progressive with hard-hitting Breaks and the occasional Trance set. He likes to mix it up for the crowd, showcasing as many styles as is possible, while following a sound timeline leaving a great vibe wherever he plays.

For Tegan it’s the music that matters. He wants people to feel like he did when he first fell in love with the music. When asked what the biggest given compliment would be, Tegan replies, “It is when someone says they had an incredible night. It makes it all worthwhile”.

The creative road doesn’t end there. Tegan’s thirst for great tracks has him currently getting into production. While working with other artists including Khaz, he will soon truly bring his taste and style to the dance floor with original produced music.

The first project is the upcoming track “Oversimplified” with Tegan finally able to translate his musical taste, and the co-production credits going to Khaz. It will be sure to surprise the dance floor, with just how much Tegan feels the music. Be sure to visit the download section for the latest mixes and upcoming tracks.