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Milano, Italy

Breaks, House

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Born in MOROCCO Suriname as TOUFIK AJ, TEDDYKAY later moved from marrakech to paris and Milano where his passion for hip-hop and electronic music grew and eventually manifested itself in his decision to become a DJ and producer. His energetic mixing skills coupled with his ability to effortlessly cross over into various different musical styles and his understanding of how to work a crowd has made TEDDYKAY…one of the most in demand DJs…saw his first ray of light. Music was his first love since his early youth. He started mixing when he was 15. Being a very creative student, TEDDYKAY spent most of his time listening to all kinds of music while studying. It was no surprise that it didn’t take him long to turn the tables and start making music instead of just listening to it…TEDDYKAY demonstrated that he thinks big in everything he delivers. He kept up the pace after the massive success with he’s remix & prod and returned on Musical Freedom and Wall Recordings he’s style….


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TEDDYKAY Respected by his colleague DJ’s for his production & remix skills and loved by clubbers for his dancefloor bombs and energetic performances, TEDDYKAY is setting new standards in the industry…inchalah