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Ted Funke

Maribor, Slovenia


AKA: Tedo

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Mr. Ted Funke has always been comfortable in groovy funky soul house, some might also say in the only true house music genre there is. It’s all about love for the house music, as this sLOVEnian DJ artist found out in his youth years, when he was guided by different genres of funk music, from soul to disco always accompanied by vocals, and the love is keep on shining now-a-days!

The classical biographical tales of teenage years being spent by listening to mainstream disc-jockeys do not apply here. Ted Funke considers himself as a humble DJ representative of classic house music, but you can consider him as ambassador of feel-good-groove if you will.

These days Ted has the kind of artistic freedom he has always wanted, and that reflects in everything he does. From performances on stage, travelling worldwide to top destinations – catching a dream, to producing his own tunes.

Despite modern age frenzy of catching a wave of new EDM sound, Ted Funke is really opposite of supersized egos and something of a rarity in a way of delivering house-love to his listeners. Mind the synonym in Ted Funkes artist name, just: »Keep it Funke!«