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Gorgi Tasev, known by his artist name Ted Dettman was born on 27 November 1990 in Strumica,Macedonia. Music was an integral part of his everyday life. He started with producing music 6 years ago when he just experimenting and trying to make some stuff. First he listened Hip-Hop and little Trance,and after a few years he found himself in the rhytm of the electronic music and wents to various parties and festivals and interest for music, DJ-ing and production was just growing up. As he become interested for electronic music, epesically house music(Tech, Minimal, Techno, Progressive), he started to produce and make songs. With this experience from listening such many artist and house music, he started to produce his own music, with his own rhytms and beats.He likes the variety to producing from Tech, Techno, Minimal to Progressive house music, music with strong lyrics waves, a tracks you will remember. His unique sound, composed of techno beats and pitched down arps and sounds, blent whit deep , minimalized but not less dancefloor damaging elements, perfekt bass lines and amazing leads, enable him to rock the place everywhere.He currently dealing with the creation of songs,and I hope that people will like his songs. He release for such respected and leading labels in the music industry such as: Bosphorous Undeground Recordings(Ahmet Sendil), 303 Lovers/Hotfingers(De la Mare & Marshall), Flat Belly Recordings & Hamburg Aufgnhamen(Ricky Stone), FHD Records(Chase Buch), Killing Machine Records (Mario Miranda), Rhythm Royal Recordings (Emrah Celik), Tracer Records & Tight Lipped Records (Ronald Van Norden), No-Logik Recordings (Daniele Petronelli). He is supported from artist like : Marshall, John Aquaviva, Funkagenda, Manuel De La Mare, David Jones, Daniel Portman, Umek, Ahmet Sendil, Glitter, Ben Lb, Simon Tavazzi, Worakls, Da Fresh, Spartaque, Angy Kore, Chris Lawyer, Roy Rosenfeld, Subfractal, Matt Minimal, Autistic, Fabrizio Pettorelli, Mario Miranda, NHB, Sisko Elektrofanatik, Daniele Petronelli, Min&Mal, Joe Maker, Lowboys, Nicola Samartano, Nunzi, Uberto, Alen Milivojevic, Davor Tosovic, Alexander Madness, Pepo and many more. So the future looks to be an amazing for this Macedonian based wonderkid producer.